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The Fall 2014 6-Max Hyper Three Day Series

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 817×114. Bernardc 6max hypers and overall prerakeback graph The ClassBernard “bernardc” Cappel is instructing, and Peter “jaxtraw” Falk is hosting. Together they are giving a brand new three day, 8-9 hour coaching series for 6max hypers. All […]

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BERNARDC & ILS007 in, The Fundamental 6-Max Hyper-Turbo Class Video Series

Bernardc & ILS007: 6/9-max Hypers, Crushing the Hypers (10.5hr)

The unabridged 6-max Hyper-turbo Class videos are finally released! ILS007 and BernardC, two excellent players and coaches gave live interactive classes on 6-max hyper play. Each have their own style of play. While ILS007 focuses more on the ICM as well as the dynamics of the game, Bernardc takes advantage of his hand reading and […]

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ASSASSINATO & AJKHOOSIER1 in, The Advanced Mtt Class Video Set

Bernardc: The Advanced Four Day Series (11hrs)

  The Advanced Four Day Hyper Series (11hrs) #1 6max Hypers <$100 as of Oct 17 6-Max Hyper and Overall Pre-rakeback Results on Pokerstars Bernard “bernarardc” Cappel is a thinking player, and is currently ranked #1 for 6max Hypers <$100 according to Sharkscope.com. Not only is he a top player, he is perhaps the most […]

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BERNARDC in, The Expert Hyper-Headsup SNG Class Video Set

HU Hyper Class with Bernardc (Nov 12)

Learn how Bernardc plays hu hyper games. Join Peter ”Jaxtraw” Falk as he hosts a live, interactive, group lesson with Bernard “bernardc” Cappel on advanced hu hyper play. Bernard  is a beast in all sng formats, but his specialty is heads-up hyper games. He approaches the game using an aggressive-fluid style adjusting based on his […]

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BAREWIRE in, The Advanced Cash Class Video Set

Barewire/Krab42: Cash, The Advanced Cash Class Video (3hrs)

Kevin “Barwire/Krab42″ Rabichow is a lethal cash game player specializing in heads-up. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he moved to Toronto after Black Friday to continue his playing career. He has since continued to crush across all networks. In The Advanced Cash Class Kevin puts on his coaching hat and explains his specific […]

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